About Us

We believe PAQT to be a credible alternative to your typical Teacher Trade Union

A young teacher teaching a class

Why should I consider joining PAQT?

PAQT will…


be there to advise, support and represent.


be available to meet with employers as and when required.


provide additional support and updates via our website and other technology mediums.


provide our contact details so that caseworkers can be reached at times that are convenient to you.

Your Dedicated Caseworker

The PAQT caseworker team are highly trained and vastly experienced and most importantly, here to help you!

We’re here
to assist you!

Our experience covers a wide range of employment related issues, including.

  • Teacher Experiencing Difficulty
  • Capabilitiy Issues
  • Grievances
  • NQT/ECT Issues
  • Flexible Working Requests
  • Pay Issues
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Policies
  • Workload of Teachers
  • Suspension of Staff
  • Investigatory Meetings
  • Disciplinary Meetings
  • Abscence Management Meetings
  • Bullying of Staff
  • Safeguarding Issues

…and many more issues that can arise in schools.

How is PAQT different
to current Teacher support?

Membership Fees

CheckMaximum £90 per year

Our fees are between £5.00 and £7.50 per month with discounts for students, supply teachers and part-timers.

No member will pay more than £90 per year and if you don’t need to use your PAQT membership, you will receive No Claims Discount reductions in subsequent years.

The others

CrossBetween £205 and £232 per year

Typically, membership in 2022 is between £17-18 per month. This is between £205 and £232 per year.

Why is there such a difference in membership fees?

CheckAll fees are allocated to caseworker support

PAQT exists solely to provide a casework ‘service’ to teachers in their moment of need or when they have a query.

PAQT does not have huge overheads and costs. All fees are allocated only to fund caseworker support so our members get support when they need it.

With PAQT, you will receive continuity of support from the same caseworker throughout, who will reassuringly get to know you, your case and your specific circumstances.

The others

CrossFees required to cover a full range of business requirements

The established teacher representative bodies support their members through Local teacher activists (fellow members), Member support services via email and telephone and Local Regional centres.

Representation, who will support me?

CheckSpecialist Trained Caseworker

PAQT employs only trained caseworkers who have specialist knowledge and experience across all school sector settings.

The others

CrossFees required to cover a full range of business requirements

The established teacher representative bodies have to support Head Office, Annual Conference, Regional Centres, Employees & Pensions, Training, Communication, Political Lobbying, International Commitments, Lease vehicles, Travel and subsistence costs and sundry costs that are paid for by membership fees.

Are members able to strike about working conditions?


PAQT members are not able to go on strike as PAQT is not a Trade Union. We know that many teachers are opposed to strike action as are we.

The others


Trade Unions have a legal status that enables them to call their members out on strike, as long as certain legal balloting member thresholds tests are met.