Casework assistance, advice & representation tailored for you

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PAQT will assist all
affiliate members with;


Caseworker Assistance


Professional Advice


Attentive Representation

Relating solely to the employment of the member as a Qualified Teacher.

The terms and conditions of the contractual arrangement between PAQT and the affiliate member  are entered into when membership is applied for. A copy of this agreement can be accessed here

Members can access PAQT services by completing the online query form either on the homepage or on the Access Support page. This will be received by PAQT with a 24 hour response being our pledge and promise to members. 

Casework assistance, advice and representation will be via either telephone, email and video conference, with in person attendance casework support being determined on an individual case by case basis.

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PAQT Affiliate membership costs

Type of membership Cost per month
(recurring via Direct Debit)
Student Teacher (First 3 months free) £5.00
Full £7.50
Part-time (0.5fte or less) £5.00
Supply Teacher £5.00

No Claims Discount

No Claims Discount applies if any affiliate member subscribes to PAQT for a period of 12 months yet has no need of PAQT casework assistance, support or advice provided by a trained caseworker. (Members can access the member resources freely without affecting their No Claims Discount)

In this case, members will be entitled to a reduction in the membership fees they pay, as per the schedule below.

Type of
Cost per month
With NCD
Year 1
With NCD
Year 2
With NCD
Year 3
Full £7.50 1 month free 2 months free 3 months free
Part-time (0.5fte or less) £5.00 1 month free 2 months free 3 months free
Supply Teacher £5.00 1 month free 2 months free 3 months free
Student Teacher £5.00 1 month free n/a n/a